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Our suggested links for all animal lovers.


Best site in South Africa for anyone who owns a pet. Fantastic Consumer information, including hotels, resorts etc if holidaying with your pets. Definately worth surfing.


South Africa's newest site for any and all information regarding pets and animals at your fingertips. Well worth the visit. Great site!


New in town and need a Professional Dog Grooming Parlour in the Helderberg area that grooms all breeds?  Try here.  The site is friendly, fast and easy site to navagate.


Pets Health, got any questions?  Here you will find answers to just about any pet health question.

Find a vet quickly!  This is a link to All Veterinary Practices in the Western Cape.

Heroic Dogs!  Everybody loves bravery.   Inspiring, uplifting and a contribute to Mans-best-friend. Positive reading and well worth the visit.